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Meet Larry Murphey the Healer

Welcome to my website, my name is Larry Murphey an Anointed Spiritual Healer. In my practice I’ve been blessed to perform well over 12,000 healings, all done out of pure love. These healings were provided for people, plants, and animals around the world. I made it my purpose to provide healing to anyone or anything that I sensed needed it. The proper way to describe me is a Natural healer. What I do is different from what most people are accustomed to seeing like reiki and other forms of energy healing. I am not an energy healer. I’m able to perform instant healings, control weather and other things of such sort. Scientists have tested and proven Spiritual healers to possess a very high level of healing energy to be present when performing healings. It is also different because of the way the energy is used. Natural Spiritual Healers use the enrgy from source and recognise the divine aspect of it which channels the energy we posses differently from an energy healing like Reiki.

In the beginning knowing nothing, I sat in a chair and forgave anyboy who had hurt me in life, then I asked if i had hurt anybody to forgive me, took 2 hours and was like sweating blood it was so intense. I asked God for a week , what is the right religion? No answer. I then asked God how should I worship.. a voice next to me said , try meditation. I then made up my mind that whatever comes from God or spirit I would do. My knees were so bad I was wearing knee braces and could only
walk twenty feet without stopping.  I told God I couldn’t meditate with this pain and it left instantly. I meditated for two hours seing visions, my head started to vibrate as I started and energy was swirling outside and inside me. Next day I did my first healing. After doing hundrunds of healings and messages I saw this white light in my peripheral vision that was there for two weeks. Meditating before work a vision of a girl in a monks robe appears. She slowly raised her arms above her head, as she did i felt my heart moving, then intense love and compassion entered. I can’t describe the the wind, it was wind without the wind sounds.

Many times I said I would never join another religion but one day at the Angel Store there was a man healing people a man who ordains in the Mekizadick Priesthood. He was there to ordain people. I decided to do it so that I would be within the law while performing my healings. The next day checking the mail I see a gold colored earring by my mailbox, so I saved it. Two weeks had passed when my ordination certificate came, the symbol on the certificate matched the earring I
had saved, an inverted triangle pointing down at a circle, that was amazing.

I have been healing for over 20 years now. I now perform hands on healing,distance healing, spiritual counselling to heal physical and emotional problems. I heal people, pets, plants, energize water, perform prosperity treatments for pregnacy, soul mate connections. I also provide weather treatments and treatments to locate people and animals. Please see my services page to find out more about my services, rates and how I can help you.




  1. I love this Larry, I’am glad this is up and ready. I would like to say you are an a amazing healer…You have worked so hard and healed so many I hope nothing but the best for you…love you good friend…love Nat-

  2. Larry, you are a kind soul and so very gifted. I thank you for your friendship and am so very blessed that our paths crossed ♥

  3. I have had several healings from Larry and I can say he is true to his word. God works through him and he is truely a healer. Many thanks to the healings he has done for me.

  4. Larry, you are our gift from God. Thank you for all the blessings you have given me. You have given me many healing when I needed them. I love and bless you.

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